About Signify Haulage

Signify Haulage, was established on the 16th June 2019, by Meerken a Station Administrator for a popular Trucking Community Station - TruckSimFM.

Signify Haulage, was formerly known as Flex Haulage, but after a rather quick decision to change the branding altogether, of both Flex Haulage, and the network running the Haulage firm (Flex Media Group), we decided to rebrand to Signify Haulage.

Currently, we have a team of 8 people within the Management team, some of which aren't front of house Management, and just operate behind the scenes strictly.

Who's currently in charge of Signify Haulage

The Management team for Signify Haulage currently includes Meerken, Aroonie & Ryan678.
All of our Management team, have various different roles within the team, from Website Development, to Fleet Management.

What's different about Signify and other VTC's

Signify Haulage, aim to have professionalism within the gaming environment, by having proper driving standards, whilst you're driving for our company.

The Driving Standards team, operate regular checks on all of our driving team, to ensure all of our drivers are up-to-date with the laws and legislations for the United Kingdom.